Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainable Development

Developers & Property Owners

  • We apply our expertise in facilitating collaboration, public and community engagement, and marketing and communications to ensure that your development efforts include the right players, are properly aligned with public goals, and are marketed to the right audiences.
  • Furthermore, we develop practical strategies to pursue funding that focus on a step-by-step process for ensuring optimum expenditure of human capital matched with highest potential success.
  • We are constantly monitoring emerging opportunities for state and federal grants and have successfully written grants for programs at the local, state and federal levels.
  • Whether you're investing in early-stage technologies or community revitalization, we have the expertise to guide and support your efforts.

Comprehensive Business Incentive Identification & Tax Incentive Consulting

  • Oftentimes, routine spending on business development such as capital equipment or employee training can qualify as "economic development" if aggregated and packaged properly. The incentives that these types of projects attract will be "found money" for your company. Our insight, gained from experience with relevant governmental authorities, enables us to spot business development incentives, tax credits and other opportunities where they are not most apparent.
Consulting Services Include:
    • Analyzing and evaluating tax policy.
    • Business site selection.
    • Conducting cost-benefit analysis.
    • Connecting organizations with empowered state programs.
    • Determining market opportunities.
    • Evaluating state and local economic development programs.
    • Identifying tax and non-tax incentives.
    • Isolating economic development strategies.
    • Leading the negotiation process with economic development agencies.
    • Locating state income tax credits.
    • Optimizing regional growth opportunities.