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When it Comes to Health Care Marketing, Digital is Key

February 16, 2015 at 12:03 PM


The health care industry in the United States is undergoing a fundamental transformation. The shift from a fee-for-services to an outcomes based model, along with new regulations, financial pressures, and increasing patient empowerment, is driving change in not only how health care is delivered, but how it is marketed.

These changes present a unique opportunity for health care leaders to lead progress and utilize more efficient and effective techniques to engage with clients, advocacy groups and industry partners. In this evolving industry, health care organizations need to establish a positive presence in the marketplace and stand out in a congested promotional and social landscape. While some of the tools for successfully positioning an organization in the evolving healthcare industry can be debated,  one thing seems clear: health care organizations must embrace digital spaces.Digital Marketing Health Care (Pull Quote).jpg

Consumers today are extremely tech-savvy, meaning digital marketing is no longer optional but a necessity for organizations in the health care space. More and more, consumers are utilizing digital spaces to find reviews on providers, access advice on wellness and research symptoms to identify potential ailments.

Digital marketing provides an effective means for the healthcare sector to modernize. Social networks in particular offer a channel that helps healthcare companies understand the concerns of their customers. Platforms such Twitter and Facebook allow patients to have conversations with real physicians and healthcare providers. The ability to share theses conversations helps generate interest and get more individuals involved. By creating an online profile, health care organizations enable people to  share and interact with them as they would with a friend rather than receive tidbits of information from a faceless company.

Not only is social media useful for engaging clients and potential customers, it’s also a great tool for sharing content. As part of their marketing efforts, healthcare organizations can utilize social media platforms, including forums and blogs, to share success stories from extraordinary treatments or operations, medical research findings or other significant accomplishments. If constructed correctly, content can help drive traffic to your website and generate new leads.

Developing a strong website presence is also important. According to Google Think surveys, 76 percent of patients were using hospital websites for research, compared to just 32 percent using television, 20 percent using magazines and 18 percent using newspapers. Equally noteworthy is the conversion rate among mobile device researchers, with 44 percent going on to book an appointment. Given this evidence, it only makes sense for health care organizations to develop updated and responsive web designs for their marketing efforts.

In the long run, digital marketing is an investment in the brand and the visibility of a health care organization. If you want your organization to be at the forefront of progress, you must begin leveraging digital platforms.

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