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Social Media Strategy 101

October 20, 2014 by Danny Goldberg

Biggest Social Media Mistake

So many companies and content managers use social media the completely wrong way and ultimately undermine their own efforts.

While each social media platform has its perks and benefits, all social media platforms should be used in pursuit of a simple goal: to build an awesome online community where your users engage with and value your content. That should be the primary goal for companies engaging with their customers via social media.

I’ve seen so many companies use social media with a single-minded focus on driving sales and converting users. When companies repeatedly do this, it is very obvious and a huge turn off to potential customers. Social media is a platform to build a community, engage users, and create valuable content that helps users live better lives.

3 Lessons in Social Media

In building the social media presence for my companies, I’ve learned 3 basic lessons that have helped grow my community and that I know can help yours grow too!

I. Posting Content For Shares:

Posting content that creates value and helps users live better lives has always been a strategy of mine. Much of the content that I post is simply focused on trying to engage my users. I recommend posting a funny image, meme, gif, or video, which your users would be likely to share on their own pages. Posting content that delivers value to your online community is also a great strategy. Posts that create value always increase engagement, shares, and result in more followers.

II. Asking for Help:

One of the most effective strategies I have ever used is asking others for help. I proactively reached out to other like-minded Facebook pages asking them to give my Facebook page a shout out. This always resulted in an increased following and even sales. Asking others within your industry for help can be extremely beneficial in helping increase brand recognition and online community.

III. The 3-1 Rule:

It's pretty simple: for every post about your business, 3 posts should be completely unrelated. Posting about industry news, funny pictures or videos, and tips or techniques are all excellent options. Many users in your online community are already well aware of what you do as a company. Instead of constantly trying to sell, make 3 posts that have nothing to do with your brand. On the 4th post, try to sell. See if sales increase… I bet they will!

Key takeaway - Don't always try to sell. It’s just as important to show your customers that you care about them and are a resource to improve their lives. 


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