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Community Partner Secures Grant from CNY Women’s Fund

May 18, 2014 at 1:00 PM

By Aishik Barua, Contributing Writer

The powerful impact of social entrepreneurship and the remarkable strides Short Enterprises has taken in the field since its inception can be witnessed through yet another success story in Syracuse, New York.

This time, the firm assisted one of its local community partners, the Westside Family Resource Center operated by PEACE Inc., in successfully securing a much-needed grant from the Women’s Fund of Central New York (WFCNY).


The grant funding was secured for the GEMS (Girl Empowerment Mentally and Socially) to Jewels Program, which will work with girls between the ages of 7 and 13 and their families. WFCNY seemed the right path to choose considering its rich tradition of assisting women’s organizations as well as projects that are beneficial for the growth and empowerment of women.

The program was developed and will be run by the director of the Westside Family Resource Center, Mary Alice Smothers, who was recently acknowledged with a lifetime achievement award for her highly regarded efforts to enrich the lives of community youth in what was once the 9th poorest neighborhood in the United States.

“Many young girls lack role models or support in today's society and this program is to promote self-esteem, self awareness, self worth and respect within the lives of young girls and teens,” said Smothers. “The community will benefit by having productive, caring young women who will make sound decisions and embrace community service while preparing themselves for success as the confident leaders of tomorrow.”

With dedicated assistance from Short Enterprises, the Westside Family Resource Center developed a stellar proposal for the funding organization. Its mission, values and paths to achieve success were clearly illustrated in its proposal, which helped in securing the required grant.

A young girl's successful growth and development is a balance of self-reflection, experience, mentorship and peer group dynamics. When a girl knows about those who came before her and the significant choices and efforts they made to create lives of meaning, it can help her design and shape her own dreams and make choices in keeping with those plans.
At PEACE, Inc. Westside Family Resource Center, "Girl Empowerment Mentally and Socially (G.E.M.S.) To Jewels" will afford young girls the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. It is a 24-session enrichment program for young girls to become a part of a sisterhood that is committed to helping G.E.M.S. know and understand their personal value.

Short Enterprises has assisted many organizations develop clear and compelling grant proposals, which have helped them in secure funding for noteworthy programs and initiatives. The firm has a proven track record of bringing together the necessary people, funding and tools from the initiation to the completion of a project, and it continues to do so. The firm, specializing in communications and public relations, hopes to continue with its winning streak and contribute toward the resurgence of challenged communities around the world.

“It is a great honor and privilege to be able to assist Mary Alice Smothers and her groundbreaking work at the Westside Family Resource Center,” said Short Enterprises founder W. Michael Short. “Building strong communities and helping noteworthy projects succeed is at the heart of what we stand for as a company and I can think of no one more deserving of support than Mary Alice Smothers and the work she does to enrich the lives of youth in the economically disadvantaged Near Westside neighborhood in Syracuse.”


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