Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainable Development

Community Development Program

We work with federal agencies, state and local governments, and nonprofit organizations engaged in high-profile, large-scale community development programs to build physically, socially and economically viable communities.

  • Assessing opportunities.
  • Analyzing risks.
  • Evaluating policy choices.
  • Designing programs.
  • Finding financing.
  • Prioritizing investments.
  • Defining performance measures.

We provide technical assistance, program support, program evaluation and comprehensive training to help enhance the capacity of community development program staff to strengthen program performance, increase the impact in communities and assure success. Our performance monitoring and evaluation tools allow clients to track progress against their community development goals.

Community Development Process

  • Involves entire community's participation. 
  • Surveys citizens on the assets, challenges, opportunities and trends impacting the community. 
  • Develops customized community vision. 
  • Defines goal areas of opportunity for the community. 
  • Prioritizes and organizes ideas for community initiatives. 
  • Assembles teams for follow-through with ideas and projects. 
  • Certification process encouraging implementation of community plan. 
  • Promoted through local media to boost involvement and results. 
  • Assistance in writing grant proposals for project funding.