Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainable Development

Communications Management

At its core, SHORT ENTERPRISES is an economic strategy and development firm and we offer Communications Management services because our clients need the assistance. Such services are utilized in support of broader strategies and ultimately, successful and measurable outcomes.

Many endeavors usually require the assistance of design firms or print, video or web development firms. As part of our strategic, step-by-step, and practical approach, we work with clients to tailor the strongest communications and messaging tools and identify the resources needed to execute on those plans.

We are also pleased to offer our expertise and recommendations in Message & Content Development and Social Media Management.

Developing a message for distribution and the medium used to communicate that message often plays an important role in desired outcomes. Understanding both ends of this spectrum, SHORT ENTERPRISES is always striving to utilize cutting-edge marketing and communication trends to create innovative strategies for implementation, analyze existing plans, and manage campaigns to ensure information effectively reaches your desired audience.

That being said, we also understand the limitations of technology and certain projects may also call for a more people-centric, or on the ground, approach. We understand this reality and tailor our services and approach to meet the individual needs of each organization or business.